Khotsong!  Hi all!

My name is Lintle (dee-n-tleh) and Lesotho is my home.

I’m an African woman who believes in the power of this continent and its people to achieve greatness. I am a writer, a communications graduate and a steadfast

advocate of the often overlooked human ability to use our voices as agents of change. Open discussions allow us, as individuals and a collective alike, to coalesce in any space. This is the time to re-ignite the knowledge of the innate strength we all possess inside.

Life is a journey of constant self-discovery. I, like so many others, am still trying to figure it all out; I choose to write along the way. Through this blog, my hope is to share positive stories, thoughts and energy, to highlight the potential we have to shape and build our tomorrows. Voices can carve the world. I write with the wish to motivate you to use yours, because regardless of where you are, the obstacles you may face, YOUR voice matters. Now that you’re here, let’s voice ourselves together.

Keep a look out for what’s to come, and give me your thoughts on what’s been featured as we travel the journey ahead. Always remember, You are a light in this world!

Happy reading!

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