Lesotho’s unemployment rate stood at 27.15 percent in 2017, as stated on With statistics such as these, it’s understandable that one can become despondent with the chances of finding gainful employment. Every unsuccessful application can create a feeling of despair that can lead to a depressed and negative outlook of positive prospects for the future.
Don’t give up. It may seem easier to give up, especially when it feels as though the odds are stacked against you. We hit walls, face emotional, financial and physical barriers that may appear difficult to overcome. Take courage and persevere. I have heard it said that courage is not the absence of fear, but rather persevering through your fear to strive for what you want. There is no shame in struggle; I feel that any shame should stem from giving up when there is still a realistic chance that things can change for the better, and that something, anything can be done to improve our way of life. Whether you succeed or you fail, remember from every experience we can draw lessons to shape us into stronger individuals. Therefore, throw your shoulders back, hold your head high and hold fast to your faith of better, even when it feels hard. Surround yourself with positive energy from which you can draw strength. Recognise that even though the context of our struggles differ, there can be communal solutions that aid in addressing them.
Take the time to find out about organisations and groups related to the field in which you have an interest in, and build contacts and networks. Make use of social media not for the sole purpose of interacting socially, but rather to engage on platforms from which we can draw wisdom, and learn skills to apply in job searches and learning about available competitions, scholarships, entrepreneurial initiatives and learnership opportunities to help us develop.
I myself had difficulty in finding employment. I had become despondent and was succumbing to the belief that my abilities were lacking, or I was in some way inadequate. I continued to apply for work, yes, but my belief of success had dwindled to minimal levels. It was through my support system, that I am so grateful for, that I kept trying. My story may not be the same as yours, but I hope that I can motivate you to keep trying, and believe that our tomorrows can be better than today. Always remember, you are a light in this world. Shine on!

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